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Practical Application for Best Outcomes- Provision of a Seating & Positioning System

(1 hr/ 0.1 CEU/CCU)

AOTA Category:   OT Service Delivery

  • CEUs/Contact Hours:  0.1 AOTA CEUs/1 Contact Hour
  • Education Level:  Introductory

General Overview:

This one-hour, live course is intended to facilitate clinicians and equipment suppliers’ understanding of how to be successful in the provision of best practice seating and positioning solutions for complex rehabilitation technology (CRT). In many settings, with time and resources, the potential exists to default into provision of lower-end seating & positioning products instead of that which the client truly needs. This course is intended to be an overview to transitioning your practice from general use and standard equipment to the application of best practice for tissue protection, proper postural support, stability and function.

This course will utilize clinical examples to assist the clinical decision-making process about who needs CRT, how outcomes can be improved, and how to navigate the equipment provision landscape. Upon completion of this course, clinicians will have a better understanding of how to initiate referrals and recommend seating and positioning solutions for CRT to optimize client outcomes.


CEU Objectives: By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to: 

  1. Identify 3 risk factors that could lead to damage of the client’s skin or underlying tissue
  2. Identify three postural limitations which can impact your recommendation of seating and positioning products.
  3. Discuss 2 examples of how seating and positioning materials and geometry can enhance a client’s function within their seating system.
  4. List 2 mat assessment findings and describe their relationship with product features which can lead to optimal outcomes clients using their seating & positioning system



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Full Course Detail Flyer PDF: Practical Application SP